YOU Have a Voice

You have a voice. Within you there is a unique voice. As unique as your fingerprint. We each have it. This voice represents your heart, it exudes your values, gives reality to your dreams and brings your authenticity into this world. Today you have the opportunity to use it. As a leader, one of your most powerful tools will be your voice. 

A day in the life of an oiler

Since July 2014, we all have become completely obsessed with our essential oils.  Quite a few of you have also jumped aboard the oily train and we have been talking oils and sharing ideas in our private oil discussion groups.  Meanwhile, many others have expressed interest and have asked how we are using them, so I am going to share with all of you how we use them on a daily basis.

Oils: Shower Bomb with Young Living Essential Oils

Someone mentioned to me the other day about adding essential oils to their shower for their own little spa get away.  Love that idea, because I really don't always have time for a bath and so it would be awesome to add some oils to my shower.  Well, I dropped two drops of oil in my shower and it was amazing, but didn't last real long.  Off to pinterest I go, and after "some" time, I found ideas to make shower bombs!   So, yesterday, we made some congestion releasing shower bombs, because my kiddos are fighting off another bug, and I was hoping to help provide a little bit of relief for them, and we know how amazing essential oils are for inhalation therapy!