Every cell in your body, every single living thing, has a vibrational frequency. When we consume things that have frequency (such as plants which are living things), we can increase our body's frequency which will increase our health.

  • Healthy human body frequency: 62+ MHz
  • Illness starts at 57-60 MHz
  • Our bodies are receptive to cancer at 42 MHz
  • Death begins at 25 MHz
  • Essential oils have frequencies as well, which can raise our bodies’frequency. They range from 52-320 MHz
  • One of the most important modalities of essential oils is their ability to raise our body’s frequency to a level where disease cannot exist
  • Processed food: 0 MHz, meaning it does nothing positive for your health
  • Raw, real food (things that are alive) are the only foods that will raise yourfrequency. This is why juicing rocks ;)
  • The some essential oils with the highest frequencies are Rose (320 MHz), helichrysum (181 MHz), and frankincense (147 MHz)
  • Negative thoughts decrease our frequency by up to 12 MHz
  • A positive thought can increase our frequency by 10 MHz
  • Prayer/meditation increase our frequency by 15 MHz