My calling for the inner feminine

This is me and

here I am.

Calling the female entrepreneur into her true self.

Inspiring her to be guided by her heart in her business.

That her life and self is forefront.

It is about embracing the inner feminine.

In a world that honors the masculine.

It is about acknowledging and being.

It's about heart over hustle. Seeing the seasons.

Recognizing and allowing all that comes forth.

Coming home to the true self. Loving and fully accepting herself.

Understanding she is supported - always.

She feels that there is a light growing from within.

There is so much support for that light.

The within. The self. The soul.

She is always supported by both the heavens

 above and the ground below.

She is truth. She is the presence of being.

She is knowledge. She is love.

You are she. 

This is Me.