There was a moment in my life that I like to call the unmaking. Surprisingly, it was a moment when I felt the lowest of lows and had no understanding of who I was; who I am. Instead I was wrapped up in the titles associated with what I did. Leader. Successful business person. Photographer. Teacher. Wife. Mother. Christian. My heart was inside of the titles, until that moment. The moment began the remaking. It began the searching. It began the discovery. It began the process of emerging into who I am, as a being of God. That was the week of my 30th birthday in 2015. 

The journey that has unfolded is full of divine guidance and magic. It has brought me to this deep understanding of who I am, instead of what I do. Embracing my inner feminine goddess, my heart, and listening to the calling of my soul. 

I am a soul born in this lifetime to support the uprising feminine. To support souls who are ready to emerge into their truth of love and authenticity and who are ready to live a life that is designed for who they are, instead of what they do. The roles are no longer serving our hearts, and it is time for us to remove the layers of what we do, so that we can truly be.  I am here to shine bright. To be a beacon of love that inspires others to recognize the light that is within them too. I see your light and love already. It is time for you to see it too. 

You are right on time and I am so excited to see you shine. 

Amanda is a wife to her soulmate and a mother to three glorious little humans, together they live in the heart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she is a pursuer of all things nature, animals, herbs, gardening, and farming. Amanda is naturally a healer and intuitive who is deeply guided by Jesus, the Angels, and works alongside her spiritual team, in constant gratitude to God for this lifetime and the path in which she is embarking on. As an entrepreneur, she has a passion for following her intuition and guidance which has led her into the leadership world of essential oils and onwards into sharing the knowledge and downloads with others.